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Information about the actual profit for a selected period of time. Calculates the actual profit for a specific Forex trade. Calculates the actual profit for the entire account. Viewing the profit for a specific period of time. Viewing the profit for the entire account. Setting up the indicator Open the IceFX ProfitInfo indicator in MetaTrader. In the window "IceFX ProfitInfo", set the "Auto calculate profit..." to Off. Adjust the indicator settings by clicking the buttons: "Chart settings", "Forex settings" and "Account settings" to adjust the options of the indicator. Toggles the "Auto calculate profit..." to On/Off. Adjust the "Display time..." from 0 to 12 hours. Set the "Forex chart types" from "EUR/USD" to "Off" or "EUR/USD, USD/EUR". Set the "Account" from "Account" to "All accounts". Adjust the "Chart" to the type of chart that you wish to display profit for. Select how many periods should be displayed in "Time-frame". Set the "Extend" to On or Off. Adjust the "Filter Profit from losses" from "None" to "Yes". Adjust the "Precision" to your choice. Configure the "Display" to the type of chart. Adjust the "Color blue" and the "Color red" to adjust the color of the profit of profits and losses. Adjust the "Area" according to your wishes. Click the "OK" button to setup the settings. The profit indicator is now set. Saving IceFX ProfitInfo Click the "Save" button to save the IceFX ProfitInfo settings. The settings will be displayed in the "IceFX ProfitInfo" section. The IceFX ProfitInfo will be saved automatically. The settings are stored in the configuration file. Click "Clear" to clear the IceFX ProfitInfo settings. The IceFX ProfitInfo settings will be removed and are no longer stored in the configuration file. Error message The IceFX ProfitInfo indicator can not be displayed. The IceFX ProfitInfo is not set up correctly. The IceFX ProfitInfo is displayed incorrectly. Disable the IceFX ProfitInfo indicator Click the "Disable" button to disable the IceFX ProfitInfo. The IceFX ProfitInfo settings will be stored in the configuration a5204a7ec7

- Displays profit statistics for a selected account or all accounts - Display statistics for the selected currency pair or all pairs - Adjust settings of the meta trader indicator to display the profit for a specific Forex trade - Calculates profit for all other instruments, what can be set in MetaTrader - Enables to display all current values of the Price of the indicator - Displays all data for a specific time interval - Enables a comprehensive analysis of indicators and signals for better understanding and further optimization of trading - Profits can be viewed not only in USD, but also in other units according to your settings IceFX ProfitInfo Full Crack is ideal for generating detailed graphs and charts with the actual profit for any type of trade. Like the MetaTrader4 Histogram, it graphs the profit for the actual trade from the start to the end of the chosen trade, or the entire account. On the graphs, the position is set up in the MetaTrader using the graphical user interface. The IceFX ProfitInfo indicator calculates the profit on the selected instruments over an adjustable number of periods - for example, all transactions in one day or all transactions for the entire account. The profit in USD is displayed both in the graph window and in the format "%.2f", which can be used with or without the symbol. With IceFX ProfitInfo, you can calculate different values of the profit for the entire account or separately for a specific pair of instruments. All of these values can be displayed graphically in MetaTrader in the iceFX Histogram for Excel. The IceFX ProfitInfo indicator also displays the profit in other units according to your settings in MetaTrader and allows you to convert to the most preferred units of your account and historical data. You can also select any available options in the MetaTrader indicator, such as the profit display for specific positions or trades, the display for the last 10 trades, and the display for the last 12 hours. In addition, you can display values for all instruments available in your account in a selected currency pair as a graph and read all available data for the selected timeframe. IceFX ProfitInfo can be started manually in Excel or automatically at a predetermined time interval or when an indicator signals. In addition, you can specify a specific hour and minute. You can use the IceFX ProfitInfo indicator separately or in combination with the MetaTrader4 Histogram on charts. Selection Screen: This indicator supports both RSI and MAC

IceFX ProfitInfo [Win/Mac]

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