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The Superman of Fabrics: Sunbrella

Sunbrella fabrics & OUTDOOR FURNITURE

Outside your home, whether on the deck or next to the pool, Sunbrella fabrics provide the ideal combination of fashion, durability, comfort and weather resistance. No other fabric has such a great track record of performing beautifully outdoors for years on end. After all, Sunbrella is the pioneer in performance fabrics and is known for standing up to the heavy-duty demands of marine and awning use. What could be more perfect than Sunbrella fabric that's specifically designed for outside furniture?

In gorgeous designs and with a softer feel, Sunbrella gives you all the convenience, comfort, and fashion you desire. Chairs, chaise lounges, market umbrellas and more can all be coordinated for exciting results. Sunbrella's vivid solids, stripes, and patterns give you a world of choices that complement your home and garden. The pigment of the fabric runs all the way thru so you can be sure that the colors will remain vibrant for years. And if by chance your cushions get soiled or stained, cleaning is a breeze!

Sunbrella fabrics & INDOOR FURNITURE

You CAN have that white sofa. Go ahead and sip red wine on it while you're at it with a big bowl of spaghetti or let the kids eat ice cream drowned in chocolate syrup. And when your pets jump on the couch after playing in the rain, just sit back and relax. No worries.....YOU CAN CLEAN IT. You can not only clean it, you can DISINFECT it with a bleach/water solution. You can even spot clean it with nail-polish remover!

All the qualities that make Sunbrella stand up to the elements outdoors make it impervious to life indoors. Meaning you get to actually "live" on your furniture instead of treating it like a museum piece. So lay back and kick off your shoes....or don't kick em off..... just know any stain can be tackled and live and let live!

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