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8 Perfect Sunroom Features

Porch Concepts is thrilled to highlight these 8 sunroom elements that will truly make your sunroom your true oasis, inspired by Find us and our sister company, Porch Conversion, on today!

At Porch Concepts, we think the most important room in any home is the sunroom or patio. These spaces can support leisurely living while also increasing square footage of a home. They're great for entertaining or just hanging out with your family on a lazy weekend. If you're thinking about someday adding a sunroom or turning an existing space into a sunny and relaxing oasis, here are some features to consider.

1. Comfortable seating. The ultimate sunroom will ultimately act as a second living room for you and your family. While we love our outdoor wicker and rattan, all styles of rooms and personal touches are different and some folks love plush sofas instead of wicker. You may bring in upholstered seating, plush pillows and throws, indoor-outdoor rugs and occasional tables that you would think to use inside. We love our Sunbrella fabric to achieve a comfortable and weather-resistant furniture set. Likewise, a fully functional sunroom has electrical outlets to support floor and table lamps as well to complete your look!

2. Multiple purposes. Space doesn't need to be an issue, regardless of how rectangular or small your sunroom may be. Ideally a sunroom can accommodate both a seating arrangement and a dining table, so it can be utilized as frequently as possible. We had a customer come in last week wanting to do just that, and we helped them find space for reclining chairs, a dining set, and even a mini refrigerator. Check out our dining sites on our product page and see what we can help you achieve for your space!

3. Environmental controls. Some sunrooms are built without heating and air conditioning systems, but the trend to have air control is becoming more popular. It's still nice to be able to cool down with a ceiling fan if the air gets too muggy (which we are all too familiar with here in Wilmington, NC), or to warm up with a fireplace on chilly nights. We love our firepits for this reason! They can keep you toasty, cozy, and help you entertain and maximize your space while staying comfortable.

4. Privacy shades. Sunrooms get sunny, of course--that's why we love them! Our sister company Porch Conversion offers great Eze Breeze windows to keep bugs and debris out of your patio or sunroom, while helping you keep cool, but not every sunroom contractor may offer that option. No worries--even if you have high-quality windows and doors, the space may still get overheated, especially if your environment is prone to a warmer climate. Curtains, blinds, or shades are must-haves to make sure that you don’t overheat as you relax in your space.

5. Greenery. A sunroom is ideal for foliage, plants, and the like. This also helps tie in the cozy feel from inside your home to the patio or sunroo. Pinterest might suggest gorgeous indoor fountains, glass terrariums and unique pots add a creative touch to any space (my inspiration for greenery comes from Joanna Gaine's Magnolia blog) In the fall, you can find seasonal mums in beautiful oranges or reds, or small succulents for you to place around your space to brighten things up.

6. Decorations. Your sunroom gives you the option to decorate from the inside out for all to see, if you want. If your sunroom has sealed windows and French doors, there is no reason to hold back from decorating it with your favorite home accessories. Impress the neighbors and guests with framed paintings, books, mirrors, candles, jars, and the like. We love decorating with our Elaine Smith outdoor luxury pillows and local artist paintings. This will really kick it up a notch and add a complete feel to your look. Add your own personal touch!

7. Rugs. Add instant warmth, plushness and texture over a hard, moisture-resistant flooring — such as tile, stone or sealed concrete-- with a perfect rug. At Porch Concepts, we carry a multitude of indoor and outdoor rug options, including the beautiful selections of Brown Jordan.

8. Simplicity. This is the most important part. Don't overthink or overaccessorize your sunroom-- it will become so crowded easily and you want to keep that in mind. A lot of our clients like clean, modern, and minutely themed rooms (think clean nautical, for example), so choose some statement pieces to add your personal touch, but keep it simple.

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